Fiber Sculpting at #DOLANhandmade

Hi friends! 

Check out the rope sculptures our art-maker community made at the latest #DOLANhandmade event! After some yummy snacks from Zinc Cafe, our insanely talented friend Mimi Haddon, Fiber Artist-in-Residence, taught us how to make our own rope.

In true DOLAN style, we used natural cotton fibers to twist our rope.



Cotton rope, natural, mustard and teal colors



We were feeling like we wanted some pops of color, so we used a Procion dye to make the yellow & blue rope. Even better, we repurposed mint-green fabric left over from some DOLAN tees & some pink striped terry from some cozy lounge pieces to experiment with BIG texture. Wood! Brass! Cotton!



Mimi and Dominique experiment with new knots



We didn’t stop with repurposing DOLAN materials—we experimented with older techniques and styles. For us, crafting these knots is basically an idea lab for upcoming seasons.

Some fun facts I dug up:

Brief macrame history


Bringing creative people is always an adventure in surprise. We saw people thinking three-dimensionally with tightly knotted pieces like rosettes. We saw people thinking like puzzlers, creating shapes within shapes.



Super focused! I’m wearing a dress from our Spring 2018 collection.  I match the gold rope!



We saw people repurposing other art styles for their rope sculptures—does this not remind you of Art Deco design?



Rope sculpture with brass focal point


Re-learning old techniques inspires new design. Keep an eye on future DOLAN collections: these textural chunky knots will find their way into something beautiful for you.

xo, Jodie


 Remember: 5% of DOLAN's net proceeds support The Laundry Truck LA. For info. on upcoming classes, visit #DOLANhandmade.

Photo credit to: Shelly Strazis Photography.