From the desk of Jodie Dolan



Dear friends, 


After spending over a decade owning a fashion brand in downtown Los Angeles, I started searching for ways that Dolan could begin to make a positive & meaningful impact in the world. We already considered ourselves to be fair, humane, and sensitive to the environment, yet we were still questioning how we could truly make a difference. Then one day I found my answer standing, or sleeping rather right in front of me.


At the end of last year, I was out one night in West Hollywood with a group of fashion friends… discussing politics and fashion and as I was leaving I walked right into a woman’s makeshift bed inside this friends work studio. I screamed and accidently scared her away. I left that night thinking about this woman and how I could have handled that situation differently. And more importantly, what was she doing sleeping there? Why actually are there so many people sleeping on the streets in Los Angeles? I had just moved out of the arts district in downtown and have spent years in studios and factories dotted along skid row and other densely populated “homeless” areas. It had become normal. I was very numb to it and frankly didn’t think of the issue as my problem at all. My problems were production issues, quality issues, deadlines, and crazy people in the fashion industry.  Homelessness was not my problem until I literally walked right into somebody’s bed and started to open my eyes. 


About a month later, I was at an exercise class and I heard a young woman talking about a mobile shower unit she was involved with. Curious, I started asking questions and I have been involved ever since. Spending time with the mobile shower and down on Skid Row allowed me to see the issues firsthand and look through a new lens for ways we could help. 


We decided to bring The Laundry Truck LA to life.  The idea here is a laundry truck that will service the downtown LA and surrounding areas with washers / dryers and even some new/gently worn shoes and clothing that would otherwise end up in a landfill. We realized we could directly serve people who are invisible yet exist in the very heart of the fashion community in LA.  We will help bring a much needed service to the community and help restore dignity to our neighbors.  My hope is we can encourage the fashion community as a whole to also jump in and get involved so we can all take better care of our community. 


So much more to come.


With love,