Update on The Laundry Truck LA!

Fundraising for The Laundry Truck LA is well underway and we decided to take a breath and catch you all up!  

First of all, it has been amazing and so inspiring to feel the support and enthusiasm surrounding this effort.  At every corner, it seems there is another wonderful person willing to offer their services, donate, or get involved in some way and we are incredibly grateful. To every person who has donated, purchased our clothing, attended a craft class, shared anything about our brand or our mission with a friend, or just emailed us to ask how you can help or when we'll be operational, THANK YOU!!!   Every visit to our website, every purchase or penny donated, every "like" on social media, and every email sign-up helps draw attention to the cause and gets us one step closer to providing our neighbors with a much-needed service.  

Every day I remind myself that clean clothes can mean the difference in securing employment for a person in need.  Imagine!  A load of laundry can change someone's life.. so with a whole truck we can help thousands of people per year!

We are almost a third of the way there with our fundraising efforts and have around $105,000 left to raise.  Approximately $50,000 of that will outfit the truck with all of the needed equipment, and the remaining $55,000 will cover the first year of operations.   

If you are interested in getting involved, there are so many ways to help (many of which don't require spending a penny): 

1. Join our mailing list!

2. Visit The Laundry Truck LA and subscribe for exclusive updates on TLTLA

3. Follow us on Instagram @DOLANclothing and @thelaundrytruckla 

4. Follow us on Facebook: DOLAN clothing and The Laundry Truck LA

5. You can now create a personal Facebook fundraiser that donates directly to The Laundry Truck LA!  We have raised about $5000 through individual fundraisers created on our behalf by friends and family! 

6. Donate!  There is no amount too small (or big!!) and all donations are tax deductible because The Laundry Truck LA is a 501c3 non-profit charity!  

7. Shop!  5% of profits go straight to TLTLA so every purchase contributes!  Buying a silk dress is roughly equivalent to a week of clean clothes for a family!  

8. Attend a DOLANhandmade craft workshop!  We believe in the beauty of shared human experience and are thrilled to offer a space for people to create while giving back.  100% of the proceeds from #DOLANhandmade goes to TLTLA. 

9. Share the love!  Word of mouth is already bringing The Laundry Truck LA to life and the more people talking about it, the faster we can get clean clothes to people in need!


Stay tuned!!