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  • Everyday DOLAN: What Makes Cute Fashion Scrubs?

    What Makes Cute Fashion Scrubs?

    If you are wearing scrubs, we know you have very important things on your agenda− you deserve to look and feel your best, while giving your best. At DOLAN, we put thought into fashion scrubs for nurses (and everyone who wears a scrubs uniform) so you don’t have to! 

  • DOLAN Core Scrubs Fit & Style Guide for choosing flattering scrub outfits

    Core Scrubs Fit & Style Guide

    As a brand with 15+ years of design experience and a love of fashion, we‘re excited to share our DOLAN Fit & Style Guide for our new Core Scrubs! Over the past months, we have been working closely with healthcare professionals from all medical environments to learn how YOU want your scrubs to fit, and what makes the most comfortable, flattering scrubs—to keep up with you on the job all day long.   

  • Looking for the best scrub cap? Discover our mixed fabric scrub caps and bouffant surgical caps.

    Choosing the Best Scrub Cap

    What is important to look for in a scrub cap? 2020 got all of us thinking about hygiene. And if you’re a nurse, doctor, medical assistant or other healthcare professional, you know your personal protection is more important than ever. We asked our experts what to look for when buying the perfect scrub cap.

  • IGTV conversation "Caring for Caregivers" hosted by DOLAN and Carbon Health live on June 1, 2021

    Everyday Healthcare Heroes: Caring for Caregivers

    How can our healthcare workers, who have cared for us and endured so many challenges these past 16 months, care for themselves in the days ahead? DOLAN Founder and CEO, Jodie Dolan, recently chatted with one of Carbon Health’s top mental health providers, Folake Ike, LCSW, and psychotherapist Alyssa Mancao, LCSW, about their experiences treating healthcare professionals and tips for practicing self-care.

  • Meet Everyday Healthcare Hero Libby Keller, RN

    Everyday Healthcare Heroes: A Day in the Life

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it got us wondering—how do our healthcare workers, who’ve worked so hard to care for us these past fifteen months, practice self-care? Libby Keller, RN, shares how she cares for herself when off duty!

  • Meet travel ER nurse Skylar Wright

    Everyday Healthcare Heroes: Skylar Wright

    On this National Nurses Day, we are grateful to Skylar Wright and all the nurses among us, and honor them for the critical role they play in keeping our communities healthy.