Welcome to Everyday DOLAN: our blog featuring tips and insights from some of our trusted friends within the health and wellness community, as well as updates on our non-profit, The Laundry Truck LA.
  • A photo of one of our hygiene kits built for The Laundry Truck LA

    Simple Acts of Kindness

    On this World Homeless Day, we want to shine a light on a need that pulls especially strong at our heartstrings, and offer some encouragement that no act of kindness is too small.

  • Celebrating Trailblazing Women (pictured: Naomi Osaka)

    Celebrating Trailblazing Women

    Women's equality this year, more than ever, is in jeopardy. Even amidst these challenges we all are facing, there is reason to celebrate. We wanted to highlight trailblazing women and those we can't stop cheering for that have soared this past year.


  • InfraCycle Underscrubs: The Layer That Does It All

    The Layer That Does It All

    We believe clothing should do more. Our InfraCycle technology makes your underscrubs smarter than the rest (ie temperature regulation, odor control and improved circulation)— and gives you even more reasons to stock up on the layer that does it all both on and off duty.


  • Real Talk: The COVID Vaccine

    Real Talk: The COVID Vaccine

    In a time when so many are asking, "Should I get the vaccine?", we turned to some of our trusted friends in the healthcare community to help share their view points on information and misinformation circulating about the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Everyday DOLAN: What Makes Cute Fashion Scrubs?

    What Makes Cute Fashion Scrubs?

    If you are wearing scrubs, we know you have very important things on your agenda− you deserve to look and feel your best, while giving your best. At DOLAN, we put thought into fashion scrubs for nurses (and everyone who wears a scrubs uniform) so you don’t have to! 

  • DOLAN Core Scrubs Fit & Style Guide for choosing flattering scrub outfits

    Core Scrubs Fit & Style Guide

    As a brand with 15+ years of design experience and a love of fashion, we‘re excited to share our DOLAN Fit & Style Guide for our new Core Scrubs! Over the past months, we have been working closely with healthcare professionals from all medical environments to learn how YOU want your scrubs to fit, and what makes the most comfortable, flattering scrubs—to keep up with you on the job all day long.