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Images of our founder Jodie's favorite forms of self care.

All of the attention on love and romance this Valentine’s Day got us thinking—how do we care for ourselves on February 14th and every day of the year?

We asked our founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jodie Dolan, about her favorite forms of self care—and for some of her favorite picks to help us feel the love all year long!

Q: Are you inspired by Valentine’s Day?

A: Yes! Especially after the strain and stress of the past year, I am inspired to press pause and open my mind, and my heart. This playlist and this guided meditation help me to re-focus my energy, slow down and feel more connected to the people I love.
Q: How do you care for and nourish yourself?

A: I try to take breaks from my “to-do” lists and make time for personal expression and reflection. I am taking drawing and painting classes—this really helps refresh my energies. And sometimes just walking on the beach or around my neighborhood can reset my mood.  

Images from Jodie's drawing and painting classes.

Q: What items are especially important to your self care?

A: At home I love baths, my garden or a cozy blanket. And these bandanas and masks (below) are super soft, cozy and make me feel protected—they’re perfect for doubling up, and the mantras make me smile!

And who doesn’t need some vibrant colors to make us feel better? 

“I’m drawn to the energy and optimism of these pieces (below),” says Jodie. “They’re a reflection of what I want to project for 2021!”

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