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While many of us are so OVER our masks, it’s no secret that wearing a well fitting face cover continues to be one of the best lines of defense against Covid.

But how do we design the best fitting mask? With new CDC guidelines out, we asked our DOLAN fit experts to share some tips with us.:

#1. In general, be sure your mask straps fit comfortably around your ears and are securely fastened, so there are no gaps. If necessary, knot the ear loops and tuck in the sides close to your face.

#2. Double up! For added protection and a snugger fit, consider wearing a cloth mask or face cover over a surgical mask. Or for a more environmentally friendly option, double up on reusable face covers. (Bandanas have the extra bonus of protecting our faces on chilly days!)

#3. Choose a cloth mask that is made of multiple layers of tightly woven fabric. (One trick: choose fabrics that don’t let too much light pass through when held up to a light source.)

#4. Make sure your mask is made from breathable material. Even the best fitting mask won’t work if you can’t breathe and don’t want to wear it!

For more information, visit CDC Guidelines for Wearing Masks.

ONE FOR ONE: When you purchase any DOLAN Protective Essentials face cover, we donate one to an essential worker, volunteer or someone in need.


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