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Our new InfraCycle Rib is here! This exclusive technology-driven collection is designed for comfort and wellness—and perfect for everyday wear.

We asked DOLAN’S Founder and President, Jodie Dolan, to walk us through what makes our Rib unique:

What’s different about this new collection?

These new items provide the functional benefits of technical apparel combined with low light infrared technology. And they’re incredibly soft and beautifully designed.

What’s low light infrared technology?

We take minerals from nature and integrate them permanently into our yarns. The yarns then absorb and convert the infrared energy from these minerals into a useful wavelength for the body. The technology actually regulates your body temperature to keep you cool and warm you up when you need it.

How is this different from other types of infrared technology?

We use infrared technology similar to what you would find at a luxury spa or physical recovery center. But unlike an infrared sauna or infrared blanket, for example—which get really hot—the minerals used in our yarns are less intense.

You get a similar benefit but in a less extreme way, which is why you can wear our shirts and leggings all day long.

Is DOLAN InfraCycle Rib eco-friendly?

Yes! We use a sustainably-sourced, antimicrobial finish that requires less frequent washing—and less water.

What else should we know?

The new line features a long sleeve crew neck tee (based on our bestselling tee) and jogger pant, all in 18 fantastic colors. You’ll feel comfortable and stay comfortable—and look great!

1 clothing purchase = 1 pound of clean laundry for people experiencing homelessness #ThreadsWithBenefits

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