Are these as good as an N95?

Nothing is as effective as a properly fit N95, but let's save those for the medical workers. Our protective essentials are not FDA approved as a medical device, nor certified as PPE (personal protective equipment). They are to provide some level of protection based on the CDC's recommendations, but they are not a substitute for medical grade. All of our face covers are made with at least two plies of compact, yet breathable fabric- many are lined with 100% organic cotton and have a filter pocket so that you *could* insert a filter if you wanted to. Bandanas are made from 2 plies of the same fabric.

What filter should we use?    

The short answer is we don't know and we are very cautious to recommend anything; although, we have heard coffee filters are suitable if you're looking for a "DIY" solution. We have no scientific way of measuring the efficacy ourselves, but we are looking for research to support any filter we attempt to offer. The bottom line is that some sort of barrier on your nose and mouth is better than no barrier so buy or make yourself a face covering! 


Please allow an extra day or two for your package to turn up (for some reason some USPS packages are being marked delivered prior to actual delivery). If it still doesn't arrive, please file a claim with USPS here: or contact Route using the instructions they've emailed you if you purchased Route shipping insurance on your order (if you can't find your email from Route, contact

What if my FACE COVER is too big?

We recommend washing on hot and putting in the dryer to shrink it a bit.

Can I pickup my order?

At this time, we are not able to accommodate order pickups.

Where are donations going?

Right now we have a list of donation requests from hospitals, individuals in need, schools, and other charitable organizations that we are fulfilling as we can. As of writing this, we pledge to donate over 85,000 face covers and the number continues to grow each week!

DOLAN's protective face covers cannot be returned or refunded.