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Real Talk: Why Tina loves her DOLAN Scrubs

"I absolutely adore DOLAN scrubs! They keep me comfortable during my 12 hour shifts and are super breathable. Also, the color is so bright and vibrant. I would definitely recommend grabbing a pair of your own!"


☤ 𝙿𝙶𝚈-𝟷 𝔼𝕄 𝚁𝚎𝚜𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚗𝚝 

Real Talk: Why Kristina loves her DOLAN Scrubs

"DOLAN is changing the game by creating scrubs that are not only soft and stretchy, but they’re made out of temperature regulating yarns. It actually adjusts to your body temperature - taking the comfort to a whole other level. They also add mantras on everything they make, sweet reminders to stay positive."



Real Talk: Why Doctor Jess Gould loves her DOLAN InfraCycle Underscrubs

"I wore this shirt all day (12 hours!) under my scrubs. I never tend to wear long undershirts because I feel like I get sweaty...but that was not the case! I was just super cozy and the perfect temp indeed. I’m completely sold!"


Hospital Medicine Physician

Real Talk: Why Aziza loves her DOLAN Scrubs

"The cutest pink scrubs. They’re super stretchy and fit so well! BUT, aside from the scrubs being extremely comfy with an anti-microbial finish, the best part is that each clothing purchase equals one pound of laundry for people experiencing homelessness in LA via mobile non-profit called @thelaundrytruckla"


PA-S1 ⚕🇱🇧

1 clothing purchase = 1 pound of clean laundry for people experiencing homelessness via The Laundry Truck LA.

🧺 76,100 pounds washed in 2021