We are getting a lot of questions about when face covers orders are shipping, so here’s a letter from our founder, Jodie, that sheds some light on where we are with fulfillment. Thank you so much for bearing with us!

Dear Customers,

I am writing you today to update you on the fulfillment of our face covers.

As you know, just a few short weeks ago we pivoted from fashion to face coverings in an effort to help our community while simultaneously getting some of our employees back to work. It started with a few hundred face covers and with your help, quickly became 50,000 (!!!!) face covers to donate. You knocked our socks off with your outpouring of love and support, and we were, quite candidly, caught off guard by the number of orders we saw. We are accustomed to handling large volume, so it wasn't the quantity that was the issue, but in fact it has been producing under these unique circumstances that has been eye opening. We have been all-hands-on-deck since 3/23, working around the clock to make this happen.

As our customer service team has probably told you if you've already reached out, we had to get more capacity to accommodate the demand, which took a little bit of extra time as our factories required permission from the city to reopen. In addition, putting the correct protocol in place for safety and also for each factory's individual comfort level took days that we didn't anticipate. Combine that with the extremely time-sensitive nature of the product, and it's a perfect storm. The original timelines based on our projections were overly ambitious. In fact, as of 4/13/20 afternoon, our more conservative projections were too ambitious, so I want to give a revised timeline. We would never intentionally mislead our customers - not on our best day, and certainly not when the welfare of our community is involved.

We are now running quite a bit behind our 10 day fulfillment plan:

    • If you placed your order before 4/3, we will ship it out by this Thursday, 4/16.
    • We will start shipping 4/3 orders on Thursday, 4/16 and will hopefully be through them by 4/22.
    • 4/4 orders will be shipped by 4/25.
    • For orders placed 4/5 or later: we are hoping to surprise you with faster timing than what's listed above, so please stay tuned. We will send a follow up email to the email address listed on your order - if you need to revise that email address, please email us.


We know everyone is extremely anxious and are so sorry for the delays. The urgency of this is not lost on us, and I want to assure you that company-wide, we are solely focused on getting these out the door to you. As a small business, every customer is precious to us.

We are truly grateful for your support and humbly apologize for being late.

I wish you good health (mentally + physically),

Jodie Dolan, DOLAN Founder