Accordion of TEST Product


Each $10 donation helps cover the cost of two protective face covers - one for you and one we'll donate to essential and front line workers during the fight against COVID-19 (healthcare workers, local family owned grocery stores, food banks, small essential businesses and emergency aid workers, like The Laundry Truck LA) or someone unable to pay for a face covering.


- Lined with compact cotton/poly fabric

- Have a pocket to insert a filter if desired (filter not included).

Pocket is the length of the face cover with a 2" opening (filters can be folded to insert)

- Ties to a secure fit.

- Printed with a positive mantra

- Easy to wash (we recommend washing before your first wear and regularly thereafter: machine wash in hot water)

- Adult 8" x 6 1/2"

Kids 6" x 5" (best for ages 5-12, but there is no official age range and some adults with smaller faces may even prefer kids sizes)