Each $45 donation helps cover the cost of ten protective face covers - five for you and five we'll donate to essential and front line workers during the fight against COVID-19 (healthcare workers, local family owned grocery stores, food banks, small essential businesses and emergency aid workers, like The Laundry Truck LA) or those unable to pay for a face covering.


Please allow 1-2 business days for new orders to ship, plus transportation (also applies to orders with expedited shipping). Please expect COVID-19 delays from shipping couriers at this time, which are out of our control. Note: Shopify charges money as soon as an order is placed - please do not to be alarmed. This item cannot be discounted, returned or refunded. Because we are working as quickly as possible to fulfill orders, we are unable to revise or cancel an order after it has been placed. 

- Jersey with two plies of fabric.
- Have a pocket to insert a filter if desired (filter not included). Pocket is the length of the face cover with a 2" opening (filters can be folded to insert).
- Ties for fit flexibility can be tied behind head or ears.
- Printed with little mantras (some may be on labels).
- Easy to wash (we recommend washing before your first wear and regularly thereafter: machine wash in hot water).
- Made in the U.S.A. of imported materials. 

Sizes (measurements not including ear ties):

- Adult 8" x 6 1/2"
- Kids 6" x 5" (best for ages 5-12, but there is no official age range and some adults with smaller faces may even prefer kids size)

Please note face covers are likely to shrink after washing (so if you're unsure about adult vs. kids size, expect it to shrink when washed on hot and put in the dryer). 

Waste minimizing. Each face cover is made using laundered fabric remnants.

Our face covers are not FDA approved as a medical device, nor certified as PPE (personal protective equipment). They are to provide some level of protection based on the CDC's recommendation that even DIY face covers are helpful, but they are not a substitute for medical grade. Because material remnants have been used to produce each face cover, there are different variations and versions produced. All versions of DOLAN’s protective face covers follow the CDC’s recommendations.

Quantity of packs can be adjusted in your shopping cart.