As a company built on caring for our community, showing up for others, and protecting those in need, we are committed to taking action in ourselves and in our community. We must be vigilant in educating ourselves, listening to constructive criticism, and staying involved. We invite you to join us in some of the simple and specific ways we are taking action.
  • Support Black Owned is a good place to start. Otherwise a quick google of “black owned businesses near me” should help. Support can mean more than just spending your money, it can also be amplifying what these businesses are doing and encouraging others to do the same!
  • Ask your HR department to hire POC and recruit from HBCU.
  • Confront racism when you see it, even if it’s passive, even if it makes you uncomfortable. No more turning the other cheek when someone makes a racist joke.
  • Help educate the next generation by buying children’s books that show heroes that are People of Color and donate them to schools, churches, and daycares and read them with the children in your life. We recommend several good lists here and here to get started! 
  • Donate to Black-focused organizations that speak to you. For us it’s The Doonie Fund, which invests in Black female entrepreneurs, the Black Art Futures Fund, which provides grants to small nonprofits that support Black arts and culture, and The Loveland Foundation, which specifically gives financial assistance so that Black women and girls have access to high quality mental health professionals. 
  • Take the time to truly listen to the voices and experiences of POC.  Whether via social channels, blogs, op-eds, or podcasts (like Layla F. Saad’s Good Ancestor Podcast).
  • Don’t let your discomfort deter you from checking in on your friends to let them know you stand with them. They may be too overwhelmed to reply right now, but they will appreciate knowing you care.  
  • Read up! Here are some lists we’re starting with from The CutGoopTime Magazine, and Refinery29
  • VOTE, especially in your local elections and research the candidates extensively to uncover anything that might not align with your core values. 
  • DOLAN Tips for Protesting in a Pandemic