Join the Dolan Community Tester Program

Hi! My name is Jodie Dolan, I'm the founder of Dolan.

Dolan is made up of a lean & passionate team, extremely ambitious and 1000% dedicated to creating the world's best fitting scrubs to support you and really make a difference in your lives. 

At Dolan, everything we create comes from conversations we have with you all, healthcare professionals. All products are designed based on your pain points or needs. Having a large scale community program like this ours is so meaningful on our journey as we mature as a company. 

What To Expect:

As a member, you can expect to engage in unique conversations, share your opinions on our products and services, and receive exclusive opportunities to test, preview products as well as enjoy discounts on our latest offerings.

How It Works: 

We'll regularly invite you to sign up for different Cohorts, each offering a unique testing experience.

Who Is Eligible: 

At this time, our program is limited to participants residing in the Continental United States only. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications from individuals outside of this region. Thank you for your understanding.


Feel good scrubs, fit for every body